Menu Hierarchy and Display Issues

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Menu Hierarchy and Display Issues

Post by DBCode » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:19 am

I'm somewhat new to Joomla and have run into issues creating menus.

Basically I have the following structure:
Section: Products
Category: Products
Articles: Different Kinds of Products

My goal is to have a page for the "Section" that lists ONLY the titles of the Sub-Menu.

For Example
Section: Products
1) Product 1
2) Product 2
3) Product 3

The problem I am running into is that I either get no title at all or I see all the information about the author etc. I've been working with the "Show/Hide" parameters in all the menu options but have not been able to get the result I'm looking for.

I've attached some screen shots as reference.

Thank You Community!

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