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technical integration of joomla

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:29 am
by tweakmy
Hi to all expert,

I am a newbie to joomla, I have a scenario here whereby I have personally code the a functional website in php and javascript. Now, I would like to port my website to joomla because joomla website looks more pro and easier for me to approach the customer.

Details of the current web:
1. connection to oracle database
2. has capability to read xml locally
3. has capability to convert data to pdf,csv
4. has user management system (user authority for certain pages)
5. lousy presentation (which is important for me)

I would like to see some good presentation. Can anyone give me some guide, how can i do this?
I have already installed the joomla on my webserver.
How could i integrate pages into the joomla which have forms $_POST and $_GET variables on the current web? what modules or components can i use?