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Automatic Content Creation Approach

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:43 pm
by niallsco

I'm relatively new to Joomla and after surveying the articles on here and the developer wiki I'm still unsure what approach to take to the following problem...

I'm designing a tool that extracts data from a spreadsheet and automagically turns it into content for the Joomla system. In PHP I can handle the file upload and extract the data I need, however, I don't know how to proceed with inserting the content into Joomla, nor how to make this accessible from the Joomla admin interface.

I could insert the data using SQL or by editing the content component but I can't imagine this is how Joomla was designed to be used. What is the most appropriate way to extend the default content module to include such an import function?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,