AttendanceLists - Submit your attendance to the organiser

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AttendanceLists - Submit your attendance to the organiser

Post by 19leunam93 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:25 am

"AttendanceLists" is a form component to submit your attendance to the event organiser. It enables the organiser to request information from his event visitors which will be collected and arranged into attendance lists or presence lists for each event. The lists can be viewed easily online and downloaded as a PDF.


The FREE version of the component fits the need of private event organisers and clubs/societies. It is ment to receive attendance messages from its club-members or friends in order to request the number of people who will attend the event (music reheasals, sports trainings, matches/competitions, club activities, parties, ...).

  • Event source independent of this component. (You may use your favorite calendar or event component to manage the events)
  • Data minimisation and privacy by default ()
  • Form fields individual activatable (You may customise the form for each event category. Not all fields are always necessary)
  • Download attendance list as PDF file (You can download the attendance list of a specific event as a pdf and take it with you to the event. Useful for presence checks on-site. Keyword: corona contact list)
There also exist a PRO-Version of this component. The PRO-Version is aimed for professional event organisers, cultural creators and gastro to meet the requirements of corona contact lists. More infos at the JED.

Download & JED page: ... ance-lists

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