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Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 6:23 am
by brad
Do you have an Open Source Product available for Joomla!? If so, this is the place to announce it. However, please take note of the following requirements.
  • The first place you will want to 'advertise' your product is the Extensions Site, so is your product published there?
  • Having taken care of the first point, and to prevent this section of the forum being filled with posts just for self promotion, please ensure that your announcement of your Open Source product links to your listing on the Extensions Site. The first exception to this rules is templates. A second is an announcement used as a call for beta testers for new extensions.
  • Please note, this forum is for announcing Open Source, free, GPL products only. Any other announcements will be removed.
  • This forum only allows you to post a new thread. No one will be able to reply.
Thanks for you attention to these matters.