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Magic (Infinite) pagination Scroller for Virtuemart

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:57 pm
by kishoremaj
I am proud to release infinite scroller for virtuemart called magic scroller for virtuemart , which let you to load product from ajax when you scroll down the page. The plugin is extremely flexible and can adapt to any virtuemart and joomla theme without modifying your template.

You can download the plugin(paid) from ... virtuemart

Also a demo is setup here ... pagination

The main feature of plugin are listed below
  • Allow you to configure Content loading on Auto/Manual Mode
  • Allow you to configure No of pages to be loaded
  • Allow you to set Loading text which shows on the screen when an Ajax request is in progress. You can enter any html content e.g. a loader image or text both can be added.
  • Allow you to configure pagination element
  • Allow you to add page no or page header or page separator between loaded pages
  • Allow you configure Next Button html, which shows on manual Mode or on when auto loading pages limit has been reached
  • Allow you to configure Next button page Limit
  • Compatible with Virtuemart 2.x and 3.x

Install this plugin from joomla extension manager.

Please make sure that 'Enable Joomla Plugin' setting has been enabled in Virtuemart Configuration. Otherwise the plugin will not work.

Please let me know your feedback .