Seeking Content Module Testers.

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Seeking Content Module Testers.

Post by websitedons » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:39 pm

It's assumed that mainly devs and moderators view this extensions forum, so this is solely to get constructive reviews from developers.

A modified clone of the core Joomla content module mod_articles_latest is available for tests. Send a private message if interested and the URL will be provided ('cos it's not allowed in posts).

No images of the display and methods are allowed here (though entirely relevant and logical) so here is a description.

The default mod_articles_latest shows only the article linked title. This modified clone has the following options.
  • Display article intro or fulltext image, or show default if neither are available
  • Resize image using the selectable range of JImage::SCALE_ functions
  • Display truncated text as intro text from the article
  • Display meta objects, author, published date
  • Add and rearrange each data object with placeholders [title][image][text] etc
  • Preset layout and styling, selectable by drop select field.
  • Item slideshow using JSSOR
  • Pagination using jQuery plugin
  • Category blog emulation to show Lead, Items and title links
The project was birthed by the inquiry of forum user Giorgi_ who is already testing the module viewtopic.php?f=713&t=951501
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Re: Are Beta Testers Allowed? Seeking Content Module Testers.

Post by Webdongle » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:21 pm

Are you going to use it to add to your portfolio or (when tested) offering it to the Joomla devs as an improvement for Joomla ?
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