css-styles are overwritten by beez

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css-styles are overwritten by beez

Post by NeoAnderson1982 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:51 am

Hi there.
First of all, congratz, beez is the very best template for J!1.5 RC1.
I'm writing a component for J!.
For that, I need special styles, e.g. a red heading.
I defined the css-file (/components/com_comname/assets/css/tmpl.css) and in there

Code: Select all

#exerciseheading { color: #f00; text-decoration: line-through; }. In the /components/com_comname/views/one/tmpl/default.php I 
included it with

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$document   =& JFactory::getDocument();

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<h1 id="exerciseheading"><?php echo $name; ?></h1>
When I open now the view of the component, the text-deco is applied to the heading, but not the color. The same happens to other defined pieces with for example.

How can I change such things?

Greetz and thanks for your help
Aljoscha Peters

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Re: css-styles are overwritten by beez

Post by rdeutz » Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:49 am


I think your style is overwritten from a high-ordered Style. We use in beez context selector and it is possible that this is the reason for your problem. Do you have an firefox installed ? If yes, you should use the DOM inspector and take a look at the css-styling roules. Then you get the information which style overwrites your style. I think this style has an more detailed path as you style


#main #content h1 <- Style in beez

#exerciseheading  <- your style

then you must change your style definition to

#main #content #exerciseheading
Best Regards, Robert
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