READ THIS! Guide to posting in this forum.

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READ THIS! Guide to posting in this forum.

Post by Jenny » Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:35 pm

When posting your question in the templates forum, please start by creating a descriptive title for your post. A short version of the basics of your problem is a good idea.

Next please include as much information on the problem as you can and try to include what template you are using, or if you created your own template. A link to the site in question where the problem is occurring can be the best way to show those wanting to help you exactly what is going on. Screen shots can visually describe the problem, but still make it difficult for others to really tell what is going on in the underlying code. Links to the site are always the best, to get quick and helpful responses.

The more complete your question is, in terms of information, the easier it is for others to help you! :)

Please do not post commercial template code such as the entire index.php or css file or attach those files to your post. The commercial template developer is always the best place to go first to get help with your commercial template. They would know best how to alter their code. Most commercial template developers have a specific forum for their templates or other specific support channels for you to get assistance.

Please abide by the forum rules at all times:,65.0.html
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