Show/Hide Category/Section Descriptions in Template

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Re: Show/Hide Category/Section Descriptions in Template

Post by betteraudio » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:32 pm

Julian22 wrote:
vickipayne wrote:I think what is showing is your Menu title. Go to the menu item, under the Parameters(System) tab click Show Title - No. Please let us know if that fixed it....
So many thanks Vicki! That did the trick! Funny thing is I was so sure I'd tried that already, but just to be sure I did exactly as you said and it solved my problem! THANK YOU! :D
Agreed, this did resolve the problem, though it is apparently the Category name, not the title of the linked menu item, which is being displayed, which is incredibly counter-intuitive. "Show Title" implies that it would be showing whatever is in the menu item's system parameter title field, the default behavior of which apparently pulls the category name in the case of a menu item that is linked to a category blog layout, and for which no page title is defined in system parameters.

I can confirm this behavior, because my Menu item is titled "Our Team", and configured as a blog layout for the Category "Personnel", and it is "Personnel", not "Our Team" which was showing up above the blog layout.

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Re: Show/Hide Category/Section Descriptions in Template

Post by ttnae » Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:42 am

Alextampa wrote:In your menu parameters
After 30 minutes of goofing around. Thank you. Old post but still useful.


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