1.5 Template Forum Changes.

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1.5 Template Forum Changes.

Post by Jenny » Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:54 am

Please note.. your posts have not been lost! :)

All of the posts from the Usability and Accessibility Forum and the CSS and Design Forum have been merged into the main 1.5 Template Forum. We made this change because it was confusing to users which child forum to post in, and it was also difficult for other users to help with answering questions, with posts scattered amongst so many different boards. Most times the U&A and the C&D forums were not being utilized as well as we though they may have been.

What hasn't changed is that there is still a specific forum to deal with Template Overrides, which is a very specific topic, and of course if you have an issue with one of the default templates that are installed with Joomla!, we have the BEEZ, Milky Way and JAPurity forums still to handle those specific issues.

The good news is hopefully this change will allow all of us to ask and answer questions and help each other more effectively.

Thanks for understanding folks.
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