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Content Personalization

Post by ruediklein » Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:02 am


I am looking to use Joomla! for an online magazine. Given the fragmented readership and to make the content relevant to them while keeping the effort low, I'd like to offer a way to personalize the magazine. I have not found how to do this in Joomla!:

Level 0
- Reader fills out a form, effectively selecting a group of readers to belong to. Different groups see different sections and categories, depending on what the editor (me) knows about these groups' preferences. Groups are not mutually exclusive (let's say the magazine was a car magazine; sections could be News, Features, Reviews, etc.; multiple groups, but not all, may see News, while everyone sees Reviews for example)

Level 1
- Reader chooses sections and categories of articles they are interested in (reader can choose to only see News and Features).

Level 1b)
- Reader-directed placement of the selected sections on the homepage. Like Google or Yahoo News.

Level 2
- Given a reader's browsing history on the site, most frequented sections and categories are shown first. Maybe overriden by the reader with Level 1 above.

Level 3
- Rating system: Most highly rated articles WITHIN a section or category is displayed first. These would be other reader's votes as well as the reader himself. Like Netflix' suggestions, but for articles.

Finally, is there any way to 'recycle' articles across multiple magazines (targeting entirely different groups, but with subsets of common interests), perhaps with the magazine components offered as extensions?

I have been looking at Drupal, Plone, and Alfresco, which seem to offer a portion of the above. If I end up just with Level 0 or 1, I think it would be a good start. Joomla! has been my choice for the past three years and I'm quite happy with it.



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Re: Content Personalization

Post by streetwise99 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:04 pm

I know this is an old post, but has anyone found a solution for content personalization based on these scenarios?

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Re: Content Personalization

Post by sozzled » Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:28 am

Yes, this is an old post and it's not easily resolved with J! 1.5. If you want advice about "content personalisation" with J! 3.x, please create a new topic (and describe your needs in detail) on the appropriate forum category. I'm sorry but we these old J! 1.5 topics are here mainly for "historical purposes".
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