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com_content - its future in core and w/3rd party developers

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:49 pm
by designguru
Hey all,

I just wanted to put this message out there to look into the future of Joomla's stock 'content' component. As of now, with J1.5, the component is central in the functioning of any Joomla site, but lacks some features that a bunch of people out there seem to need... such as multiple types of content defined by a mixed bag of fields (such as email link, html link, embedded media, text field, text field with wysiwyg.. etc...)

I know of a couple of projects which are proposing circumventing com_content with an alternate content handler - like JomSuite's Content component. Ultimately, the framework in 1.5 allows this but I wonder as to whether the incompatibility with other components and plugins is worth straying from the core content component...

What's going on with the core development of this component for future revisions of 1.5x and the next installment of Joomla afterwards ('1.6'.. '2.0'?)

Could there be a future for building on com_content to allow additional fields for it but maintain the main content field as the one that other extensions relate to? So when say, viewing a full article you would see a combination of fields but only be able to comment on the main stock content field with 3rd party plugins like jom_comment or whatever...?

This line of questioning is inspired by Drupal's CCK btw.


Re: com_content - its future in core and w/3rd party developers

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:14 pm
by Amagdy
I'm currently using some components to get that feature, I've added a thread about the available solutions as well ... 5#p1388615

Wish the feature will get implemented in the com_content Core Joomla! component soon