SiGPLUS: trouble with the picture sorting order (solved)

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SiGPLUS: trouble with the picture sorting order (solved)

Post by alpheratz » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:19 pm

Hello there

I made a beginner's mistake, i have modified parameters in the sigplus module ,instead of modifying it in the plugin... shame on me
I would like to see the images sorted in a deterministic order , the one defined by the order of succession of pictures in the index file.

I have try several options in the configuration menu of the module, but i keep the same order , which is not the one related to the order of the files given in index.txt

The page i'm talking about is this one: ... 2003-maroc

Picture tags are consistent with the content of the index file

For information, the order in the index file is as follow: (i have trimmed the extended comments for the sake of readability
MRC_01_016test.jpg|Dans l'Atlas
MRC_11_026oldkasbah.jpg|Une autre Kasbah...
MRC_11_020plafond.jpg|un magnifique plafond peint
MRC_06_037abenhaddou.jpg|Aït Benhaddou|
MRC_04_009ksarone.jpg|Dans la vallée du Dadès
MRC_10_028porte.jpg|une porte dans la vallée du Drâa|
MRC_04_032villesombre.jpg|une ville typique du sud...
MRC_09_036dunes.jpg|Erg de Merzouga
MRC_10_034tindou.jpg|Les vaisseaux du désert...|

Thanks for any hint about it

Beyond that, Sigplus is a very simple and clever tool!

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Re: SiGPLUS: trouble with the picture sorting order (solved)

Post by caso » Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:06 am


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