search with performs in Joomla 1.5RC?

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search with performs in Joomla 1.5RC?

Postby ingdade » Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:09 pm

Hi everybody,
I use the modified component perform for joomla 1.5  posted by Juan Lago. The component is the unique component to manage form and display data from database i found working with Joomla 1 .5
I complete the installation even if with some notice, but it works. Good work.

I'm using this component to insert and show a list of person of an association with some detail like email, address etc..
Now i need to perform a search among the person i insert. In other word I need to search all person in the db that have name like a text the user enter.
I tried to use the standard search of joomla but it not index the content of the table created by performs.
Any suggestions?

Do you know an other component for 1.5?
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