[SOLVED ]After site restoration one module not showing up

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[SOLVED ]After site restoration one module not showing up

Postby Nhyx » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:12 pm

I have built my site on a webserver, since it was more or less ready I moved it today to its destination server with akeeba backup.
The problem I am facing is that a module that did display properly on the test server does not show up on the live server at all.
The module in question is a slideshow module that I got from here.
I tried a complete reinstall of the module and also putting it in different positions but to no avail.
Of course, the module is enabled and the position itself does show other modules if put there.
Since I don't know what to look for to solve my problem on my own I would be very thankful for any possible pointer into the right direction as at the moment i don't even know what to google for anymore, oh yes, I googled extensively...

Ah, one more thing, if I check the generated html source for the website i can see some reference to the module in question but it is commented out.

To visualize my problem here is a link to the working test server version:
working test server
and a link to the problem making live server:
non-working live server

Thanks for any help in advance,

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