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Post by Rogue4ngel » Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:10 pm

Welcome to the Tools of the Trade forum for Joombie Developers!


The purpose of this forum is to help equip new (and novice) programmers with the tools that have been recommended, tested, and implemented by other Joombies like you.  To help foster a ‘level playing field’ amongst our up and coming developers, you will find information on many of the tools currently being used by the community.


You will find plenty of resources for information, including Q/A and FAQ’s that are currently in development.  For a more complete listing of useful reading, head to dev.joomla.org and discover the vast wealth of information regarding Joomla! Development.

For specific Wiki's regarding current IDE's in use, check out:
Currently in development are several IDE (Integrated Development Environment) documents that will help get you started on the road to Joomla! Development.


If you have questions regarding a specific tool, please be sure you are clear in which you are asking about.  A good rule of thumb would be to post the tool you are inquiring about.  Example:

Post Title: Eclipse Question

Body of Post:
  • Program Name
  • Version
  • Any applicable plug-ins / extensions
  • Brief Description including code snippet, illustration, or example of issue.
New Tools

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting innovation to allow for better / faster / easier development.  If you have a tool that you use, please be sure to share it will us!  Especially if it is an open source tool; it may be just what someone was looking for in their quest to develop for Joomla!

Please be sure to include as much information about any components that you may introduce, including:
  • Name
  • Version
  • Platform
  • Home (web site)
  • Comments
Forum Conduct

As always, we are dedicated to promote a positive community experience. General forum rules are applicable and may be found here.

Please be kind and do a search before you ask a question.  It may save yourself, as well as the people responding to you, a great deal of time and energy. 

If you have any questions / comments / suggestions, please PM one of the forum moderators listed.

Thanks, and good luck with your future coding endeavors!
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