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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:24 pm
by hotnuts21
I have been reading about this project and it seems to be great. I have since first heard about it, dived into eclipse and I now have easy eclipse and all the other required parts running, however the instructions for installing the jeclipse plugin do not seem that clear for someone who is new to using eclipse.

I have worked out how to use the Software updates feature of eclipse and can add a new remote site etc. However I dont know what url to point eclipse too, to find and download the plugin? The links in other threads seem to be dead.

Is there a way to automatically install Jeclipse to an existing eclipse platform? I had a look on Joomlacode and there seems to be a host of files for the SOC project, which ones do I need to download and where do I put them if I need to install manually, although the automatic install would be much easier :)