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Admin development question

Post by spike1968 » Tue Apr 08, 2008 8:44 am


Please excuse any terminology that's not quite correct, I am a self taught developer looking to broaden my knowledge and I am currently trying to customize Version 1.0.15. Anyway here's my question... well more than one actually.

I am trying to add an extra template menu in admin>site>template manager. I have found some of the code and can customize it but I am now stuck. I know that I can add code to mod_fullmenu.php and mod_component.php in administrator/modules. I have also duplicated and altered the code for com_templates in admnistrator/components/. I have added new tables in mysql but I am missing something (apart from brain cells). There are other files that I need to customize to make this work and I am having difficulty finding them. Can anyone help?

Question 1: Is there a flow chart (old term I know) that can show me the structure of Joomla, I have tried to find one with little success?

Question 2: Or is this not working because what I am trying to do can only be achieved from the initial installation stage?

I would welcome any advise that can be given.

Many Thanks
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