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Looking for Component to Automate Posting of Queries

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:08 am
by atticusrominger
I am using a form component to take queries from visitors (RSForm), and then planning on emailing the topics to members of my site (so they can answer) using a newsletter component (ccNewsletters). I want them to click on a link in the emails to view details on a special page in my site. Is there a component that will port queries from RSForm entries to a ccNewsletter (which I can edit before mailing out) and then over to some sort of Newsreader or other component on the Queries page? Again, I would need to edit these before they post to respect those who wish to remain anonymous. Does this make sense? Can it be done? Any ideas?
Please feel free to email me with responses too (atticusrominger[at]