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How to change Mosimage to acces a Coppermine folder?

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 11:05 pm
by alva
Hello everyone,

i want to change the content.html.php to meet my needs.
i use joomla! together with bridged Coppermine Gallery. Authors can upload pictures with Coppermine
and should be able to insert them in content items easily. (Frontend, 'Submit Content').
Unfortunately i couldn't find any Mambot to do this (maybe you know one?), but i hope to do this
with Mosimage. The Coppermine albums folder will be below the stories folder. I want to restrict
access to the authors coppermine album folder, so instead of having the subfolder list, only the
authors gallery images should be displayed in the 'Gallery Images List'.
So how can I get from the list '$lists['folders']' the author's coppermine folder? Coppermine creates
folders for users automatically and assigns them the name '100+User-Id' (the jommala user id).

I am hardly a novice programmer and a joomla! newbie, but it seems to me, that it shouldn't be a difficult
task for programmers, thats why i posted it here. I hope you can help me, i am sure you can :-)

thanks, alva

Re: How to change Mosimage to acces a Coppermine folder?

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:38 pm
by alva
Ok, i found the solution, if there is somebody who wishes to do the same.

In the content.php replace

$folders[] = mosHTML::makeOption( $temp, $temp );
$folders[] = mosHTML::makeOption( '/albums/userpics/' . '100' . $uid . '/', $temp );

Your Coppermine albuns/ userpics folder has to be located under /images/stories but you can
set the coppermine albums folder in the coppermine configuration as relative path. This works
because the bridged coppermine ( uses the
same user id as joomla, adding only 100.

I wonder if this was to easy or to difficult to be answered in the Joombie Coding Q/A???

regards, alva