Joomla customization - School help "portal"

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Joomla customization - School help "portal"

Post by iSamurai » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:10 am


I have been asked if i could help a company, to create a "school help" portal for them, for free.

I'd have to customize the portal with a design layout (theme) and probably some "custom" views and forms for communicating.

The portal will be used for teachers to help students (typical pre-college)

Registration for the "students" should be anonymous, with a "nickname", grade, location (possibly from a dropdownlist maintained by the administrator or teachers) and a password.

Communication between the teacher and students should also be anonymous, being just a question and a answer.

However the teacher should also be able to choose wether the answered question is a typical question that will be asked many time over and over, so the teacher could tick it as a public answer for students to see in a list of for example the last 20 answered questions to view.

How possible is it to customize it like this, and would it be alot of work?

Im very willing to get started helping them for free..

Hope i can get some serious answers here :)


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