New to joomla need some direction on project

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New to joomla need some direction on project

Postby axelman » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:08 pm

Hi everybody,    :D

I'm new to joomla and want to developed a new project for my work as a way to learn and get up to speed in this amazing CMS, would greatly appreciate your direction is already there's a template pack, modules, components to achieve the following funtionality for my website, please check it out:

Website functionality flow
A user visits the homepage, creates user account, selects primary catagory, i.e. Company1, Company2, etc., then user selects from sub-category, i.e. Subcat1, Subcat2, etc., then user selects vendor/provider of choice, i.e. Vendor1, Vendor2, etc., then user selects product from vendor, reads product summary, reviews product experience demonstration, and answers question(s) from auto survey. survey results posted below each vendor and respective product and on "Ratings" section. user browser activity generates data for "Most Popular" section. Inbound RSS feed on top of page, and calendar with events and schedule on r/hand side gutter.

There is to much information out there, but don't know how to start, I see some ready made packages but how do I customize them, thanks in advenced for all your help.  ???    :'(

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