Best Place to Start when making a Bot/Plugin?

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Best Place to Start when making a Bot/Plugin?

Post by Pesto » Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:47 pm

Hi All,

I would like to make a bot that allows you to tell Joomla what you want a Title Link to be. We should be able to control the Title as we see fit.

What I mean is this:

When creating a piece of content for your site, usually you want a link to more information to be read (like an article with an intro and body copy). Sometimes, though, all you want is to be able to link to another piece of content on your site (for newsflash announcements, say) or to content on another site (for text ads, perhaps). It would also be nice, too, when linking to a downloadable piece of content (either through a management system, or direct upload from admin).

So, when adding content, I would like in the admin to have a "Link Type" section, containing a drop down with the following options:
No More

Normal - default (selectable in the bot admin) - Title Link behaves as you expect
URL - Then shows a URL dialog, with full target/browser chrome control options, article picker, etc (similar to JCE)
FILE - Allows for:
* upload to specified directory (at Bot admin or article?)
* Link to your file repository component
* Shows file type and size in link (selectable) - when able to (manual entry possible?)
No More - If there is nothing more to read (Intro only), then no title link. If there is main body copy, then the link passes as Normal, this should (if possible) trump any global or menu "title link" options.
Hide - Hides Title, no matter what
Show - Shows Normal Title, no matter what

This way you can take advantage of Intro text, if you want, in conjunction with a TITLE that you now control, and not force the reader to go to another click deeper if you don't want to.

Any thoughts or suggestions on where to begin would be greatly appreciated.


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