New to developing - need some direction with 2 simple ideas

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New to developing - need some direction with 2 simple ideas

Post by BigBen » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:31 pm

Hello everyone-

I'm creating a website for a baseball team and would like some direction as to where to start with these ideas. I'm trying to develop a couple of components/modules that would allow me to do the following things:

1) A component that stores the schedule of the team and scores (preferably able to store multiple schedules).

2) A module that automatically takes the schedule and scores from the component and creates a XHTML table that I can use as content. This would be awesome if I could somehow link the individual dates to game recaps that will be posted as well.

3) A component that stores the roster of the team (First and Last Name, Position, Year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc), Number, and a Picture)

4) A module to display each player in an XHTML table to use as content

I'm busy reading as much stuff as I can about how to do this but I cannot swing my head around it. I have some experience with PHP and such but am much more comfortable with (X)HTML and CSS. My biggest problem is how do I go about storing all of this info? I mean, like how do I get it into the database that Joomla uses?

Oh, also, the reason why I want to use components and modules is because the client I am working for does not want to meddle with HTML code to create tables and such.

Any help/ideas/direction is hugely appreciated.

Thanks a lot!



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