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Need some direction

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:03 am
by dirtpatch
I am a Web Designer and I have a client of mine who has approached me with an idea that they would like for me to execute, I know it is possible but I haven't a clue where to begin. I am willing to learn and expand my web design knowledge to conquer this task. So if you have any info on where, what and how, that would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks, so here it goes this is what they are looking for.

We have obtained a .tv domain and our main goal is to have people sign in and register to view videos, they can also email videos as well for us to upload. After registering or logging in, it will take them to a basic page with a single video that will randomly change after completion of playing.

Basically we want a basic website, with an intro page where you log in. Then it will have one more page that allows you to access video that randomly changes after it plays. The end user will not be able to pick and choose which video they see, it just randomly plays when they access that page. There is no way to stop the video or pause, just need to close window when finished.

I hope this makes sense, sorry if i have confused you. :) I am not sure what files are best for videos: avi, quicktime, wmv, etc. I really don't want to pass up this opportunity to expand in the web design field. Thanks for your time.