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Generic comments System for joomla 1.5

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:28 am
by 3dentech
There are many comment (not so many to joomla 1.5) extensions for joomla! and that are even more extensions with some kind of comments system, since comments are almost a requisite of web 2.0, so i`ve stated to develop a generic Comments component for joomla. This component can be used to add comments to articles and can be easily added to any 3rd component,

Ive had ben working on it as part of my project JMultimedia, as you can see here ... ments.html.

There is not captcha, and still very simple yet, but I think this can be very useful to the whole communit, it has been defeloped using joomla 1.5 MVC framework, you can see it working with Articles and JMultimedia here

This post is to share opinions and feedback about this project, :pop