best and bad sides of Joomla

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best and bad sides of Joomla

Post by akbett » Thu Jun 23, 2022 8:51 am


I will not speak about good sides - joomla CMS has very many of them.

I want speak about bad sides.
Move to Joomla 4 - have excellent aims,
- why change API - as result Joomla lost very many excellent extensions. Why not add new API, without remove old, why not change only body of methods and save interface API
- why change design and kill all old links - as result all old documentation not useful more, and all old clients which thought "we know joomla", now will need study full new CMS

as result Joomla lost clients, all joomla developers lost clients, ...

Sorry, as me seem: after joomla did update from joomla 1.5 - and changed interface and as result : joomla lost a lot clients, why no body nothing not study ?!

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