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About Joomla In the era of Page builder/editor?

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:01 pm
by Chacapamac
WP is putting out Gutenberg —>
Test it, you get the idea...

— Joomla got some of these page builders/editors extensions.
— All the online website maker (like Wix...) use this type of interface to allows newbie to easily put together and maintain somewhat acceptable web sites.

My question is if Joomla think to facilitate the implementation of this type of site/builder editor?

My personal view on the matter, making web site for a long time is that the edition with a normal editor like JCE is still necessary for high level editors but easy drag and drop visual page builder/editor are the near future of CMS and will finally make possible assigned editor/site owner with really basic knowledge to really take control of their site.

Based on my experience, even for small and bigger business, the edition with a traditional editor is always relatively painful, prone to mistake and finally abandoned by assigned editors by the site owners.

What is the sense of a CMS if only the webmaster can modified rapidly the content. Bigger business, care less and simply pay the webmaster to implement the change, killing at the same time the fundament that make a CMS a CMS.

I personally think that the CMS that will offer, like Joomla, a real pro framework and will embark a real customizable, visual page builder/editor will automatically win a big part of the market.

I’m evaluating right now the most used for Joomla.
See a review of the best one here —> ... e-builder/

Sadly, as many other Joomla third party extensions developers do, most of them, have a relatively poor integration with Joomla itself. some try to reinvent the wheel, forgetting that Joomla offer a fantastic, well oil framework.

Remember the great Joomfish for Joomla 1.5 that permit to Joomla to become an international player. Joomla, I think, saw that their chance to become recognized worldwide was dependant of a third party developer. They remediate to that with their top notch core multilingual system in today Joomla.

Don’t you think It will be great if Joomla, the same way, facilitate the implementation of these type of page/builder in future version of Joomla.

Re: About Joomla In the era of Page builder/editor?

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:56 am
by effrit
I think this is double-edged sword: such complex visual editors make life easier for users but not for developers.
for example, SP PageBuilder is good for customizing frontpage, but it killing some Joomla features since it moves template markup and logic inside component.
And i get strange feeling by using it because it's like CMS inside CMS where you make not modules but widgets.
So in result i prefer just bootstrap simple template and modules with overrides.
I don't think what integration such monsters inside Joomla is good idea. Let them be as extensions and let them fight with each other! :D .

Re: About Joomla In the era of Page builder/editor?

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:25 am
by toivo
effrit wrote:I think this is double-edged sword: such complex visual editors make life easier for users but not for developers.
True. Selecting a page builder speeds up and standardises content development for users but at the same time the users have put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak.

One page builder I had a look at used an external service to host its proprietary code, from which it generates the actual HTML. Page builders, where the code is retrieved from the Joomla database, can present the intermediate code in a format that makes it difficult or impossible to process using SQL queries, if you need to do some global changes in the content quickly, like search and replace particular links. These type of architectures look like a classic vendor lock-in in Open Source environment.

Re: About Joomla In the era of Page builder/editor?

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:33 am
by effrit
i think we just need some "advanced Tini" editor with bootstrap basic grid support so users will can build the pages with standard articles and modules.
or it may be specific builder.
if you think of it - page builders just make such complex "articles" but store them inside own components.
but if you speak about native Joomla page builder it must be Article_builder with rendering result as articles, but stored basic code inside own format.
same mechanic as less/css logic - write 'less' but in result it must be 'css' (article) or text block for standard HTML module. It will produce duplicate DB size but it will be fast and support all Joomla flexibility.

it may be SP PageBuilder fork without build-in "particles" - only {loadmodule} support and rendering result in articles.

Re: About Joomla In the era of Page builder/editor?

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:23 pm
by Chacapamac
After trying ALL available Drag & Drop Builders out there, my final choice is JSN Page Builder. One of the rare one’s that respect the Joomla backend edition meaning that you have the exact same WYSIWYG experience editing the frontend Article & Modules that you have in the backend.

That’s how Joomla work. ... ilder-pro/

Most of the SP Page Builder, Quix & all want to force you editing web sites their way, no support for WYSIWYG Joomla backend edition, only frontend. Worst they give you small little useless block editor in the back, that need site editors to learn 2 completely different type of editors.

Joomla give us both possibility for good reasons. Editing content should be completely uniform.

I always refuse to help third party developers that want to reinvent Joomla for themselves and try to force Joomla users in their visions just because they decide so.

JSN Builder respect Joomla and should be your first choice. On top of that JSN Builder work perfectly (and I’m really difficult to please....) Their support service is alert and their product is top notch. More, they are really open to suggestions to better what is already a polish system.

Joomla Devs are working hard today to hand us the most powerful and flexible CMS today and as part of this community it’s my role to protect it against people that don’t care!