“I am thinking about” migrating/converting/transferring to Joomla

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“I am thinking about” migrating/converting/transferring to Joomla

Post by sozzled » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:30 pm

1. For those people who are "thinking about" or "interested to know" how to migrate, convert or transfer their existing website to Joomla, these questions have been answered thousands of times before.

2. For those people who want to advertise how to migrate or convert an existing website to Joomla, it is against the forum rules to advertise products or services that you may be involved with on this forum. There is, however, the Joomla! Resources Directory where you may advertise your services or products.

3. In almost every case, topics that open with "I am thinking about" are nothing more than shameless advertisements for services, products or online scams that have nothing to do with their "thoughts".

4. The forum rules state very clearly:
Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam can and will be removed. NO SPAM - NO ADVERTISING eg. Posting ... unnecessary references to your ... websites is self promotion.
Therefore, it logically follows, that if someone writes "I am thinking about" converting/migrating/transferring their existing website to Joomla, and they then include the URL of their existing website on the forum (especially in their first post on the forum), this is purely only for the purposes of attracting visits to their businesses.

5. To those people who think that they're being helpful by indulging first-time users by replying, I ask you to pause for a moment and reflect on what you are doing. If you really want to help these people then wait for a week or two (or more) and see if they follow-up their first post. I cannot recall ever once seeing a person who wrote "I am thinking about" changing their ways or replying on the forum to say thank you. In other words, by replying to these fraudsters, you're not helping anyone and no-one will show you any gratitude for spending your time replying. In fact, by replying to these topics, you may actually be encouraging spam!

6. To the forum moderators who "redact" the URLs from first-time posters who write that they're "thinking about" or who are "interested to know more about" converting or migrating to Joomla, I believe that you are not helping the community by allowing these topics to exist. It doesn't take much effort to see, by browsing a few pages in "The Lounge", that these topics don't actually achieve anything more accumulating on the forum like weeds in a garden. I know that it's not easy being a forum moderator and we all make mistakes but there are no mistakes in understanding the clear intentions of people who include a link to their non-Joomla website in their first posting.

7. I believe it is in the best interests of the community that we take a firmer stand here. If first-time users are so helpless—they would have us believe—and are capable of creating fully-functional websites (because they post links to their sites) but they're apparently incapable of using Google to answer fairly simple questions, then what hope do we expect they will have to change their behaviour? To everyone who reads this: what additional help can this forum do, in future, that we haven't done in the past?

8. Please do not use this topic to ask "how to convert/migrate/transfer" your website to Joomla!
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