Bug in com_weblinks

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Bug in com_weblinks

Post by RadoX » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:42 am

When posting a weblink I get e-mail as an admin, looks like this....
Halló Administrator,
Notandi sendi Weblink:
[ Test44 URL link http://test.is ]
hefur verið sent inn af notandanum:
[ Loony ]
fyrir http://localhost/Joomla/.
The "Weblink" is not translated!
I found a way to translate it for me in ./components/com_weblinks/controllers/weblink.php
// send email notification to admins
foreach ($adminRows as $adminRow) {
JUtility::sendAdminMail($adminRow->name, $adminRow->email, '', 'Vefhlekk', $post['title']." URL link ".$post[url], $user->get('username'), JURI::base());
But I think it would be better if you would do a translation string.
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Re: Bug in com_weblinks

Post by infograf768 » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:31 am

Change line 106
JUtility::sendAdminMail($adminRow->name, $adminRow->email, '', 'Weblink', $post['title']." URL link ".$post[url], $user->get('username'), JURI::base());
JUtility::sendAdminMail($adminRow->name, $adminRow->email, '', JText::_( 'Web Link' ), $post['title']." URL link ".$post[url], $user->get('username'), JURI::base());

Moving to Q&T and tracking issue
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