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[Bug] Links partially translated - Joomfish

Post by Floik » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:54 am


I’m responsible for 2 sites web multilingual built with Joomla.

My problem : The links of the page “news” are partially translated

For exemple,
in French version, my link is :
mysite.com/fr/menu-level-1-french/navigation-level-2- french /id-my-article- french.html

In the German, il should have :
mysite.com/de/menu- level -1- german /menu- level -2- german /id-mon-article-german.html

However, it’s not what happens. My link is :
mysite.com/de/menu- level -1- german /menu- level -2- german /id-my-article-french.html

The aliases were defined in German…
The weird is when I click on the link, I see the article in German, but with the url partially in French.

Could anyone give me a little help?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English, I’m from France…

Joomla’s version : 1.5.25
Joomfish’s version : 2.1.7
Apache : 2.2.17
PHP version : 5.3.5



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