Joomfish Multi lingual abstraction missing

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Joomfish Multi lingual abstraction missing

Post by Mati005 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:05 am

I have problem with my JoomFish. I had deinstalled Joomfish (it was accident), then I had a lot of problems to install it again on my website. I read a lot of about this and finally I could install JoomFishV2.0.4 (Lightning).

When I want to add translate (Extension->JoomFish-> Translation) I get this error:
Multi lingual abstraction layer mambot is not installed or published - will not work in this state!

I checked it and I have enabled every plugin of JoomFish Component.

Maybe some of more experienced users from this forum could help me in this case? What should I do?

Could You list to me all of the extensions/components/modules which uses joomfish? Maybe I have some files/folders missing.

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Re: Joomfish Multi lingual abstraction missing

Post by dermi » Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:21 am

Your best bet is to install it on your site and go through the tutorials.
Joomfish does not do any translation, all of it has to be entered by the admin. It takes a bit of configuration - language packs have to be installed, extension content elements need to be translated, etc.
There is no shortcut that could easily be entered as an answer here.

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