READ FIRST - before posting in this forum

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READ FIRST - before posting in this forum

Post by masterchief » Fri Feb 15, 2008 11:40 pm

The purpose of this forum is to allow the community to directly impact the planning and development of Joomla through the submission of White Papers.

Please read this page on the Documentation Wiki first before posting a White Paper:

The key things you must note are:
1. Include a summary of the background of the issue you are trying to solve or feature request you are requesting (the 'why' does this need to be done)
2. Include an overview of the functional requirements , or simply the goals that are to be achieved (the 'what' needs to be done, and sometimes 'where').
3. Include thoughts on how your proposal will affect change management (does it affect backward compatibility, does it change the UI such that training would be required, etc)

Developers should be providing White Papers in more detail (see Wiki page). Try to avoid doubling up on topics (search before you post). We'd prefer people to work together on Papers if they are similar in nature.

Please note, this forum is not a general wish list. Don't just ask for a feature without explaining why you think it should be included, how you expect it to work, and where you think it should be applied.

The community is encouraged to comment on Papers that have been submitted. While this is not a popularity contest, the community interest that we observe will factor into the final decision making process.
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