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SEO: Pages

Post by alledia » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:12 pm

Short description

The idea is to introduce the concept of Pages into the administration of a Joomla! site.

From the backend, an administrator would be able to manage the structure of the site using the page manager.

The page manager would link into the menu manager, module manager and content manager, and present the administrator with a single place to go to manage the structure, behaviour and content of the site.

Expected benefits/ Problem solved

- The number 1 question I get asked by new site admins is: 'how do I add a new page?'. There then follows a conversation about content items and menu items, and after a couple of tries, the new admin gets it and adds a new 'page'. Only trouble is they then want to know why the stuff in the sidebar has disappeared. There then follows a conversation about modules and module positions... A page manager could tie all these seperate functions together in one place to make it easier and more logical (especially) for new and in-frequent site editors.

- The page manager would provide an ideal place to manage SEO information such as the sitemap/url structure/page titles/descriptions encouraging site editors to actually customise it rather than relying on a default settings for the entire site, making for a more search-engine friendly site. Ideally this would also allow Joomla to use SEF urls out the box with the option to switch off if required.

Potential issues

main issues probably around introducing change to an installed user-base, backwards compatability, etc.


I am happy to flesh this out with examples and references if this idea gains any traction...
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Re: SEO: Pages

Post by AmyStephen » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:48 pm

IMO, this is only a learning issue: Joomla! has pages - pages are menu items.

Menu items create URLs in all cases, but one and that is when the External URL menu type is used.

To avoid duplicate content with Joomla! v 1.5, there are only two things that must happen:

1. Use SEF URLs - Joomla! no longer creates system generated duplicate content.

2. Do not create user generated duplicate content by creating more than one menu item that leads to the same article. Instead, use external URLs for subsequent URLs.



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