[33]Automatic Archiving

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[33]Automatic Archiving

Post by enticer » Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:43 pm

Sorry but I guess I am not only talking about automatic archiving here and I'm still confused until now how can joomla be used of the requirements below.

I encounter this needs when I was using Joomla in a Daily Gospel website...


Basically the site will automatically display the Gospel for today's date and allow guest to comment/give reactions to the Gospel/Sermon.
All those past Gospels/sermon can still be accessed via Archives menu and still be able to give late comments/reactions to that specific Gospel/Sermon.

The priest can enter his Gospel/sermon articles in advance by loggiing in as admin via front end. All he has to do is write/paste his Gospel/sermon and and set along with it the date this Gospel should be published.

I tried to find ways with the existing Joomla capability just to meet this requirements. I first tried with the publising date capability of Joomla and it works fine. It only displayed on the specied published date/time. When it expires, it is now displayed anymore which is good. I have to *manually select this/these expired articles and archive them. I created a menu that lists these archive articles. Yes they were indeed listed when archive menu is selected but the problem is registered users cannot view the full contents of this selected archived article which lead to him not able also to give comments/reactions for this matter. Another problem I See is that when articles are archived, its associated section/category ID seems lost??? which hinders registered user from displaying selected articles only to be displayed from the whole archives.

I tried another way. Under Gospel section, I created two categories - - - Todays Gospel and the other one is Gospel Archives. When Gospel publish date/time expires, I manually changed its category to Gospel Archives. There is still problem here because the articles are already expires and of course they are not published. Users will never see these past Gospels when Archive Gospel menu is selected

Suggested Features to be added:
1. automatic archiving parameter
2. when creating archive menu, it should have parameter which can be set as to what section/category ID to display
3. There should be a way of accessing/viewing those archives and hence able still to put comments on them when needed.

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Re: [33]Automatic Archiving

Post by deleted user » Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:38 pm

I am just reading through all these interesting ideas rather late, but for what it's worth, I think the whole "archive" concept needs rethinking.

What does "archive" mean in Joomla?

1.0: archive=published articles that are removed from the content manager in the backend to the archive manager where they can't be directly edited or changed in any way unless they are unarchived, and then they are automatically unpublished. They also cannot be accessed by means of a single index without using a very long archive module (if you have a lot of articles) that lists only months or by creating archive page displays for each section or category. A simple index page allowing access of all content by year, month, etc. and section, category, etc. only exists to my knowledge in iJoomla search & archive, a commercial extension that does not work very well in Joomla 1.5 yet. Alphacontent probably provides the best (and free) native 1.0 and 1.5 extension for a content index, but it has a lot of other extraneous features as well, and I'm not sure if it ignores archived material or not.

1.5: archive=published articles that remain in the content manager but are visually darkened. (no more archive manager.) Hence there is no way to decrease the screen clutter in the content manager, which to me was the main value of the old system. The same problems listed above remain.


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