[30]Article name confirmation after succesful submission

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[30]Article name confirmation after succesful submission

Post by jguzman » Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:44 pm

1. Introduction
1.1. Scope
The scope of this document is to provide a visual confirmation to the author concerning the name, section and category of an article after being created.
1.2. Objective of the document
The objective of this document is to give a basis for a discussion on how to show the name, section, category of an article after being created.
1.3. General remarks
1.4. Definitions
1.5. License

2. What is the current issue?
After a successful creation of a joomla article, once the author proceeds to click on the "SAVE" button he/she is taken back to the article manager without a visual confirmation of the name, section, and category under which the article he/she has just created. If working in a multiple tab environment, in a website with a high number of articles,sections, and categories mistakes in categories and section take a while to correct.
3. What are the proposed improvements?
Appending the article name, article section and article category to the "Successfully Saved Article " message would greatly reduce troubleshooting in an event that such mistake occurs.
4. Technical realization
A revision of the article creation module, where the code corresponding to the If statement that shows "Successfully Saved Article " has the variables corresponding to article name, article section and article category appended to it.
5. Intention
As described, this suggestion would greatly reduce the amount of time required to locate, correct, and fix an article error where a mistake in the article section and the article category is involved in an enviroment with multiple sections, categories and articles are concerned.
6. Effects on...
6.1. Users

There should be no effect on the users.
6.2. 3P extensions
I'm not technically informed whether or not this suggestion would affect any extension corresponding to article creation.
6.3. Performance
There should be no effects on the performance.

This whitepaper submission format was taken from this post (http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=500&t=273429) by user hackwar


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