[12]Create XML extension to JDocument

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[12]Create XML extension to JDocument

Postby lightinthedark » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:57 am


The current set of document types do not allow a developer to send all and only the correct and required headers to identify a page as a valid XML document using the given JDocument extentions (including raw). The only way to achieve this as the system stands would be using the setType method with a raw document, and sending another header "by hand" in each the generation of each php-generated xml document (which seems not in keeping with the JDocument approach).
This specifically causes problems when using behavior.mootree, and it's tree.root.load() function to dynamically load a tree from an xml file at a given location, as this requires the xml it receives to be correctly identified as such in the headers.


Implement a JDocumentXML extension to the JDocument class to allow use of "&format=xml" when wishing to generate a valid xml file


Copy the attached files (unzipped) into joomla_root/libraries/joomla/document/
That's it. Job done. Really. Very simple, so pleeeease can it be included? *flutters eyelashes* maybe even in a patch / update to J 1.5.x ?


Allows easy generation of valid xml. Breaks nothing as it only adds functionality and doesn't alter any existing code


JDocument is the parent of JDocumentXML, so it depends on that and the current general document generation model


I have posted a more detailed rundown of my specific encounter with this issue before and after coming up with the solution proposed. I can give a more easily replicated example if required.
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Re: [12]Create XML extension to JDocument

Postby afarouk » Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:50 am

I am interested in this feature. Is it possible to send me (or post) the detailed example you mentioned?

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