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[23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:05 pm
by solutions3
1. Summary:
Google website optimizer is used to 'test' what features on a page when changed lead to higher conversions. If it was implemented it would be (the first) CMS that has the able to do this? Google Website Optimizer with the power of Joomla would be quite powerful and even easy for people if implemented right to be able to use this tool.
Here is the link to Google website optimizer It provides a good demo of WHY Google website optimizer is useful. I have not added it here to keep this brief and focused on Joomla.

2. To be able to do this Joomla would need a new column. In content and modules. Possibly this could be 'publish to website optimizer'. It would still be within the framework of categories and sections. It would also need a similar feature to 'checked in' this could be named 'in testing'. Which would mean it could not be changed. Integration would mean that instead of having to go to Google Website Optimizer page it could be done via clicks if the right configuration is setup.

To integrate with Google Website Optimizer I am unsure of how this would be done. However I could envision that Joomla would have a new tab under 'Components' for Website Optimizer. In it the user could setup their tests and see what they have already selected in the content panes.

A possibly (hard) feature would be that if the configuration turned off Google Website Optimizer, it would hide its additional columns and it would go unnoticed by the average user. Making it available to those who use it but also not hinder those who do not want to use it.

3. Issues regarding backward compatibility are that it may not work with previous versions. However it would not AFFECT them, if they upgraded.

Explanations for the new columns would be needed however if the Google Website Optimizer is not setup then it would not make a difference as it would just not work. (This leads to a possible feature of having it greyed out if website optimizer is not configured).

The project could be broken into checkpoints.

First checkpoint:
Partial intergration: (Basic)
Which means that instead of it being entirely on the Joomla administrator it be partially there in that part of the content and features are parsed to the Google Website Optimizer page. Information and results are still on the Google website optimizer page, the integration does enough to send it to that page.

Second checkpoint:
Further intergration: (Medium)
Features such as the columns now have 'in testing' feature which in turn makes the line greyed out and uneditable. The components page would be able to handle some of the functions of the google website optimizer however if you wanted results or other information you would need to go to the google website optimizer page. Results are still on the Google website optimizer page however information could be edited via component section.

Third checkpoint:
Full intergration: (Full)
Entire intergration which meant that you would not have to go to the Google website optimizer at all and all information would be able to pass entirely into the component section and be retrieved from there.

At the end of each check point feedback and information could be given from both Google and Joomla development team to help speed up the future phases and also to improve the API for other CMS such as Drupal and CMS made simple. This would be a first however it would be a ground breaking first and it would not only put Joomla into a league of its own in terms of potential but it would also set the stage for other CMS to move in this direction and help them do so with the co-operation of Google.

Re: [23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:36 am
by PavlovaPete
Hi solutions3,

did this idea go anywhere? I can't see any replies :eek:

Have you seen this: ... oomla.html


Re: [23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:48 am
by solutions3
Hi.. they rejected the idea. However it does work just that it will not work on say for example the title of articles. It is disjointed at the moment but it does work the compass design way. And thank you I had seen it before!

Re: [23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:03 am
by technicalmagic
The only easy way I have found to integrate Google Website optimiser into Joomla is the Opt-bot mambot.
It seems to works easily, using auto-tagging as suggested by google.
Also works on titles etc in joomla 1.5.

hope that helps.

Re: [23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:09 am
by solutions3
technicalmagic wrote:The only easy way I have found to integrate Google Website optimiser into Joomla is the Opt-bot mambot.
It seems to works easily, using auto-tagging as suggested by google.
Also works on titles etc in joomla 1.5.

hope that helps.
that would be because you built opt-bot lol and its your product. No wonder why it is the only easy way you have found lol. You built it!

Re: [23]Google Website Optimizer intergration into Joomla

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:35 am
by technicalmagic
Busted.... :D

But I think my point is well made.

I wrote Opt-Bot because I find Google Website Optimizer so incredibly powerful, in fact I would say it is a big (or more) a step forward as using SEO or PPC, actually definetely more.

It really is the only way I know to assure your website is actually providing the content that your customers really want. It is the most democratic system possible.

To be honest, I hardly even think about OptBot any more, I released it because I thought others could benefit from my work (it was an internal project).

Why is it commercial? Because I have found that no-one really appreciates something that has no percieved value at all. Most people assume that if it is free, then it has no value, because if it is valuable, then someone would be asking for money for it. Rather mad logic, but I have released too many significant and ground breaking software products to think othewise.

It is very sad that so few people have taken Multi-variant Optimization on board. I assume it is because they already have enough on their plate and avoid taking on any more stress. But, if that is the case, then the chances of them using a long winded (but free) solution are probably even less. My worst fear is that it is simply too complicated for them to understand and they refuse to take the time to do so.

Given the potential for increasing conversion rates using MVT, ie: from 1% to 5% in about 3 to 5 months, the cost to benefit ratio is quite incredible... think what it would take to multiply you traffic by a factor of 5? How much would it cost? So compare that to a 500% increase in conversion rates which often equates to far more than a 500% increase in revenue, and follow that with funneling half the money back to traffic generation....! This is the first truely positive feedback loop I have seen for websites.

I was thinking about offering my services to the joomla community as a highly experienced expert in this field, but the number of negative responses and feedback I have got, indicating everyone expects something for nothing, has rather put me off.

Instead, I now occasionally point people towards Optbot, especailly as the Extension people saw fit to class it under a third level category under SEO, which I thought was somewhat short sighted.

My appologies for the rant, but I have been a professional Software Engineer for nearly 15 years, so I am far from a newb, and I am starting to get a bit fed up with a community who expect me to live and work on nothing but fresh air.

I hope your endevours are succeeding, and my advice, what ever you do on the internet, is USE MVT.