a method for white paper - ideas for admins

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a method for white paper - ideas for admins

Post by newart » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:25 pm

The White Paper room is a Great special forum in which everybody can post ideas, problems and solutions, if any.

I've seen a forum full of, in a few days, important and interesting threads; We can sometimes observe a sort of list with objectives for the next joomla release... on my own - now - I have some problems to follow some threads as there are "too many" threads with the same "problem" inside!

I hope to see a more organic structured or ordered forum by an admin, I'm explaining better what I mean, the problem is that I (and maybe all of us) have the sensation that we could waste time and effort in such a way... that is how to find a better way for saving time and producing a better "contest" for joomla?

so here is my (I don't know if good) idea, a sub-sub-forum for each "problem", please see my examples as follows:
- content categorization
- cleaner & lighter joomla
- mootools & java
and so on...


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