First Joomla Site (test)

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First Joomla Site (test)

Post by Chacapamac » Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:56 pm

First I want to apologize to Rogue do not read entirely the post.

I can’t miss the occasion to said:

In our life we trying to go to fast... By doing that, we are always far ahead of what life is.

Website URL:
Template:: hivemind — Rockettheme
Additional Extensions: All the extensions and modules given with a rockettheme template ():
Custom Development:: additional French language for front and back-end, Contextual Header Images from Pillwax.
Other Features: I rework the top part of the template to leave more space for the logo and header images, rework of css features, Color, Typo size, modules emplacement.

Three (at least) specific areas of my site that I'd like feedback on (design, code, graphics, etc.):

1— I try desesperatly to implement the best WYSWYG editor (any sugestions) (actually trying Joomlafck) but so far impossible to install/uninstall by the administration —> error: Cannot create the folder... On a MAMP Localhost.
I’m on the forum offer by FCK, but no response. Try to chmod the file itself... I’m sure it’s a way to manually install this, or maybe it something better out there.

2— I wonder if any extension can improve the look and feel of the media manager (joomlaXplorer)???

3— I really try to grasp the structure and functionality of Section, Categories & Articles. but my natural dumbness shade me from the clear path. I’m tryng hard....
So far I create 5 Sections corresponding to my 5 pages (main menu) and probably create categories that are contains in these 5 sections (articles should be attached to these categories)

4— Do not spread this... but I have no idea what and how to do with RSS feed. I know they are something done by someone that change overtime (like a newsletter???) that you can subscribe to. How to make a feed and how to implement it in Joomla is still for me a mystery that I have to breach!

5— I want to implement a Blog section where users (visitors can interact and post) Is this possible right of Joomla or I need some additionnal module ( I want the best)

6— I want to insert (even if opening a new browser window) a PHPBB forum.

7— I want to have the best slideshow available to show my work (needed to be easy to change by neophytes (future Joomla clients)... I want to be able to show many medias: animation (flash & quicktime that I will maybe embeded in flash), link on sites web, static images, music, 360 panoramas. I want, I want, I want...

8— Can you install any live operator for live assistance???

9— Finally, I need to install the best way to have bilingual sites (Joomlafish??? Not ready for 1.5???), suggestions?

As you see I want many things, Well, I think they are the minimum to have decents, useful web sites.

Additional Comments:: This site is install locally on MAMP and synchronize (full Joomla Installation) with Dreamweaver and I update the database when enough changes are made locally.
Can God help us?
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