Showcase Guidelines & Rules- Please Read First!

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In this forum you are only permitted to post one topic on your site. Threads in here are pruned automatically.
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Showcase Guidelines & Rules- Please Read First!

Post by Wendy » Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:17 am

In an attempt to offer users the best possible experience in the Site Showcase area, we suggest using the showcase template and we ask the following of anyone posting their website for review:

1) You may only create One thread for your site. If you make changes to your site, reply in your thread or edit your opening post. If your opening post is too old to edit, a moderator can make the changes for you (if you ask them nicely). Such can be done via private message.

2) Do not post your site's url in your thread title. Url's in thread titles are not allowed anywhere on the Joomla Forums.

3) The purpose of the Site Showcase is to show off work you are proud of and would like feed back on from other members. If the moderators feel your thread is overly advertorial or that you are taking advantage of the opportunity for links, self promotion, etc, it will be edited or removed and you will receive a forum warning.

4) The more you share about your site, the more feedback you are likely to receive. Give a little info about what you used - templates, extensions etc, how you accomplished certain things, why you chose Joomla for your site, etc... Threads that contain only a sentence like "check out my site" and/or a link, will be deleted and/or locked

5) Do not bump. Bump posts will be deleted. Why? A) it will probably look like self promotion in the eyes of a moderator and B) if people want to comment, they will. Be patient. Comment on some other threads while you wait. The more you give, the more you get. Simple.

6) When reviewing other people's sites, be fair and be polite. If you have criticisms, back them up with suggestions. Baseless assertions such as 'your site stinks' will be deleted, you'll probably receive a forum warning, and nobody will share their popcorn with you.

7) One site check per topic, this is to enable fair commenting and prevent miss communication of comments and advice.

8 ) No useless posts. This includes: useless one liners. When posting a comment, make sure it is more than just "I like it"

9 ) The site being showcase must be made with Joomla!

10) Any Thumbnails or teaser images will be removed from posts - people should give a review from visiting your site.

11) All trademarks must be morally and legally respected.

12) No short or BB URLs to be used. Clear urls only

As of December 13, 2009, threads in the Site Showcase forum will be periodically pruned (removed) from the date of the last post.

To see a collection of great Joomla! websites, please visit the Joomla! Community Showcase and consider submitting your site there for approval.

** Please note: these guidelines are made in addition to the Forum Rules, which we also ask that you take a look at **

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