Artistic society review blog/journal

TUG Franz
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Artistic society review blog/journal

Post by TUG Franz » Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi all,

Not sure whether this is 'worth' posting, cause the site is fairly simple/straightforward. Reason is not to create a flashy site so works of art get all the attention they deserve.

The blog is a 'artistic society review' and basically blogs/shows works of art that 'interact' with society. So we're not a blog about design or art in general. We only posts those works of which we feel they challenge, reflect, extend society. This includes political art, ecology, human identity...
The reason we started this blog is because we strongly believe that artists sometimes have this very weird and different look at society. Sometimes they feel the pulse of society better than any politician or sociologist. And it seems as if nowadays that role of artists is less appreciated. Above that, art has the power to show things in a slightly more challenging way than say an academic can. Art is allowed to provoke, to tickle. Promoting such artists therefore seemed like a noble goal...

We chose joomla because the plan is to migrate from a blog emphasis to a journal emphasis. This will most likely require solid ACL (joomla 1.6), peer reviewed features (approval cycle, still researching options), bigger network (both members as users).

One question though for which I did not yet find an answer: sometimes the page blanks out when loaded in FF. I never experience the effect in IE or Safari. When reloading the page, it loads fine. Strange...

As such, the site is minimal and with limited features. Again an intentional design, since we as a group don't like blogs that look messy or are packed with info/links...
Main extensions:
- ALF contact
- yComment
- file attachment
- Allvideos reloaded
- Linkr
- Integrated with social media

Hope you all like it (design and content wise), and we would be very interested to know what we could improve.

And thanks to the community and joomla devs for making this possible!

the TUG team.

PS: btw, if someone likes the blog and would like to contribute, we welcome additional members. So if there are artists, people into art or social network wiz's out there, do contact us...

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Re: Artistic society review blog/journal

Post by v2interactive » Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:06 pm

Looks good!
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