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Package management service for Joomla

Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:55 am
by lgalarra
Hi everyone:

I have an idea that, I think, could be developed taking advantage of the participation of Joomla community in Google Summer of Code 2009 (I hope so). I suppose some of you has ever used a Linux distribution. Think in Debian family and its apt package manager. The idea is to apply the same principle and create a package manager for Joomla, similar to apt (Debian) or yum (Fedora) so users would install extensions by just searching for the package in the admin interface. The manager downloads the package and all its dependencies (now that Joomla will include libraries as extensions, extensions will rely on those libraries creating dependencies paths) and everyone happy. As you can see the project is not so simple as it implies to develop a server side application that store and provide the packages, the repository software, which can also consider issues like ranges of versions suitable for installation (sometimes a package relies on an specific version of another package) and updates. I would like to receive some feedback from the community in relation to this initiative.

Thanks in advance,