Project Idea based on Search in Multilingual Content

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Project Idea based on Search in Multilingual Content

Postby Akshi » Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:25 am


Cross Language Information Retrieval has been an intense research area. My research proposal is also related to this particular area. I have also done many past researches related to information retrieval field. I think this would be a great step in this area.
My idea is as follows-
A document D1 is there in Language L1. User is familiar only with language L2. He wants other documents in language L2 which are related to document D1. Our search facility would provide all the documents which are related to the important keywords of D1 document in language L2. This would exempt the user from the toil of analyzing the whole document himself, finding important points in it and then searching the related documents in language L2 using Cross Language Information Retrieval techniques. User would require to specify language L2 only in which he requires other documents.
I have devised some implementation strategies also which I can tell if anybody is interested in this.
Please have a look on this and let me know your views. :)
Thank you.

Akshi Gupta

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