IIS 7.5 FastCGI, MySQL, PHP 5.3.0

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IIS 7.5 FastCGI, MySQL, PHP 5.3.0

Post by gsikora » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:20 pm

I found something strange with this 'package"
IIS 7.5
Mysql 5.0.5
PHP 5.3.0 VC9 (special for IIS)

When I try to open http://localhost/joomla/ (or any subfolders in /joomla/) I have blank page, no text, no info. Page's doesnt loading, and Firefox says nothing.
IE says Internal Error 500; nothing more.
I trying fix it with no results.

But working for 2 days and I found, that 'standard' version of PHP (5.3.0 VC6) working fine with joomla :| Everything is ok, installer and other pages works without problems.
Could somebody tell me, why this happen?

My other pages on local machine (no matter VC6 or VC9), f.e. flash gallery (mysql), phpBB works fine. Maybe somebody could answer this...

PS I use my local mashine only for testing and when everything is ok, i upload it on dedicated server.

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Re: IIS 7.5 FastCGI, MySQL, PHP 5.3.0

Post by pe7er » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:20 pm

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Re: IIS 7.5 FastCGI, MySQL, PHP 5.3.0

Post by beanluc » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:39 pm

Hello, 5 months later, I offer this as help to someone else who might find this thread.

If you have access to the IIS7 manager, there is a setting which will reveal more information on the "500 Server Error" page. Normally it's just blank, but you can show a version which actually has a little bit of detail about what went wrong.

Note: This is separate from PHP's error echoing setting. It supplements that by indicating why the server itself isn't able to run a PHP script or serve a webpage. If the script doesn't run, you can't get the PHP error messages.

By default, IIS7 will serve the detailed 500 error page to http://locahost. So if you can remote Desktop to the server, or re-map locahost in your hosts file, yoiu can get it this way. This is a security measure - it's not recommended to enable the detailed errors for all clients.

However, if you have no alternative, or if your server is in an access-controlled network where you can have confidence that malicious users aren't present, then you can enable the detailed errors for all clients. In IIS7 Manager, you can do this at either the server level or the website level. I recommend doing it at the website level and not globally.

Here's how:
If IIS7's "Custom Errors" module is installed (by default it is),
open the "Error Pages" feature.
In the "Actions" pane at right,
open "Edit Feature Settings...".
Under "Error Responses", change the selected item
from "Detailed errors for local requests and custom error pages for remote requests"
to "Detailed errors"... for all.

Or, if you don't have access to the IIS7 Manager,
Edit or create the local web.config file.
Add or re-set the following:

Code: Select all

        <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />
The default value would have been "DetailedLocalOnly".

Don't forget to change it back when you're done troubleshooting.

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Re: IIS 7.5 FastCGI, MySQL, PHP 5.3.0

Post by musicones » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:27 am

I could kiss you, ''ve been searching for days now to find out why i get an 500 Errorpage with Joomla 3 and IIS 7.5. With your help i found the problem because of an detailed error message.

thanks a lot.



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