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Help needed re installing on localhost with IIS 5.1

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:52 pm
by quiley595
Hi folks... hope I have the correct forum here....
I am having a major problem getting Wampserver 2.1 and Joomla going on a rebuilt laptop (badly virus infected)... previous build was fine.

I reformatted and reinstalled XP Pro, and all the apps like Firefox, Wampserver 2.1 (previously I used 2.0) etc.

When I start Wampserver, the icon remains orange, not green. It says that it is online though. Try to access Localhost and I am asked for a userid and password.

OK.... I changed the Firefox config key "network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris" to include "localhost". Now I can get into Localhost...... but it comes up with some scren relating to Windows IIS 5.1.

NOW... to get the orange Wampserver fixed.
I changed the Apache httpd.conf file from:
Listen 80
Listen 8080

OK.... That fixed the Firefox thing. Now the Wampserver icon goes green. It is Offline, but I can click "Put Online" and it goes orange, then green. So things look ok. But when I now try localhost, I get the Windows IIS 5.1 stuff again.

If I try http: //localhost/Joomla, I get a page not found.

If I click on Wampserver>Apache>Service>Test Port 80, I get a pop-up saying:
"Your port 80 is actually used by: Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.1"

So the bottom line is that I think this IIS 5.1 is the root of the problem..... But I dont know for sure, and dont know what to do about it.

Can I simply remove IIS 5.1, and if so, how?

Can any of you good folk steer me in the right direction? My hair is falling out over this :-) :-).


Re: Help needed re installing on localhost with IIS 5.1

Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:41 pm
by quiley595
Now Fixed...

I know I could probably have removed IIS using Add/remove Windows Components, but I thought I would try a work-around first.
Seems to be OK now.

thnx all