Installation hangs after step 6 / admin panel unreachable.

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Joomla! Apprentice
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Installation hangs after step 6 / admin panel unreachable.

Post by ArticSun » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:44 pm

Hi all!

I've just downloaded and unpacked the latest version of Joomla en uploaded it to my server (it's a managed server with Win2008 / IIS7, only used for websites for my company).

Installation starts just fine, I can select the language, setup the database and at step 6 install the sample data (tables are made in database). Now when I click "next" at step 6 to finish the installation it won't go to step 7. It just hangs at step 6... I've downloaded / uploaded and installed Joomla 2 times now, but I still got the same problem.

To try what would happen I have removed the installation directory, renamed the configuration.php.dist file and changed the DB settings in this file. Now the site is showing just right, but when I try to login via /administrator I get an error after hitting the "login" button:

File not found
Firefox can't find the file at

However I'm 200% sure the file is there... it exists in de administrator folder.

What am I doing wrong / how can I resolve this issue?

Any questions are welcome offcourse!

Thank you!

Joomla! Apprentice
Joomla! Apprentice
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Re: Installation hangs after step 6 / admin panel unreachabl

Post by osense » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:27 am

I had the same problem , and the solution is just to give a full permission to that folder so joomla can do the needed things.



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