Google Crawl Errors - picking up random URL parts

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Google Crawl Errors - picking up random URL parts

Post by ivanzhou » Tue May 21, 2013 6:59 am

I'm not blaming google as it must be something I'm not doing right.
Google webmaster tools reporting 329 crawl errors all with 500 Response Code. I marked them as fixed even though it's not.

Below is just a few crawl error examples for the website called

1 en/component/content/205.html

2 cn/component/content/205.html

3 zh/component/content/Page-1.html?layout=blog&fontstyle=f-larger

As you can see, these are not complete article links, yet Google somehow picked them up seemingly randomly.

By the way, I didn't design the website but I really want to help out the site owner.

Thanks in advance.



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