JRD Approval Checklist - New Approval Policy in place

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JRD Approval Checklist - New Approval Policy in place

Post by Wendy » Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:18 pm

Today we sent out an email to all of the registered JRD users regarding our new Approval Checklist that we had implemented 2 weeks ago for new registrants.

We are now asking all current registered members to take a look at the checklist and send us the required information:
Greetings from the JRD team,

First of all, we'd like to thank you all for your interest in the new Resources Directory and for your patience as we iron out various growing pains and streamline our approval process. We know this takes longer than most people would like and it means a lot that the complaints have been few and far between.

We've recently implemented a new checklist system that we'd like everyone to follow.

The checklist can be found here: http://resources.joomla.org/approval-checklist.html

We are asking all currently published and currently pending listing holders to fill out this information and return it to us in email to team@resources.joomla.org . The new policy has also been made mandatory for any one registering after July 7, 2009. Some of the new registrants have already sent in the information and the system seems to be working well.

If we do not receive a response from you within 30 days we will unpublish your listing until the required information is sent in.

Why are we doing this? The main reason is that we have found that about 90% of submissions that come in have not met the required Terms of Service which were agreed to upon registration. This is causing extreme wait times for sites submitted to be approved as we are having to wade through the submissions not in compliance to get to the folks that are in compliance. With this checklist it is our hope that we have to spend less time on background checks and more time on quick and simple approvals.

The main obstacles we've run into since the launch are:

1) A large percentage of the submitted websites are in some form of Joomla!/OSM trademark violation. We cannot stress this enough, if you are using the Joomla! name or logos in any way on your website you MUST have documented approval from Open Source Matters to use them. This is a project-wide policy that will not be ignored by the JRD.

2) We're getting a lot of submissions that claim to be Joomla! experts in various forms but their websites mention nothing about the CMS. Please, if you'd like to be listed in the JRD, make sure there is something on your website that mentions Joomla and, preferrably, describes what you do with it.

3) We're really interested in community involvement. Yet, a lot of people submitting seem to have very little to no interest/involvement in the growth and success of the project or community. Being listed on the JRD helps bring traffic and business to your website. What we'd like to see in return is some evidence of community involvement, so please send us a link to your forum handle at http://forum.joomla.org . We will be checking that you have at least five (5) forum posts that are helpful or supportive of other community members.

So again, for a format to send this information to us at team@resources.joomla.org , please refer to the JRD Approval Checklist, found here: http://resources.joomla.org/approval-checklist.html

Thank you in advance for you consideration and your involvement in the Joomla! Resources Directory and the Joomla! project.

Kind Regards,
The JRD Editors Team
As said in the letter, we hope this system will help to make approvals faster for the benefit of all. As well as the new checklist, the JRD Terms of Service will still be in place and we ask that people also take that into consideration when submitting their resources to the directory.

Thanks again to everyone for their consideration and for their patience. The support of the community has been overall really good and we appreciate the positive feedback and constructive suggestions that have come in.
Wendy Robinson
Joomla! Community Leadership Team member

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Re: JRD Approval Checklist - New Approval Policy in place

Post by sebsteffes » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:50 pm


Congratulations on the great great work for the resources team.
I think that this final review is a great way of sorting out those who really work seriously and those who just want to do some publicity.
Beeing in the case of those who's entry has already been approved, I started writing the final review as soon as you sent out the mail asking for it and sent it in last week. (the 28.)

Since approvements can be make everywhere I'd like to add that it would be nice to receive some kind of automatic receipt that you received the final review and then maybe a final:Your entry has been accepted.(That would be for those who were approved and asked to sent in the final review later.)

I also think you should advise the community showcase team (which is doing also a great job btw) to start a similar procedure as it seems that they're overrunned by entries and people seeing pending approval for over 2 month without any infos and/or changes.



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